January 26, 2018

The 2018 Colorado Music Festival runs from Thursday, June 26- August 4th for musicians.  We are an orchestra comprising professional musicians from all over the country who are in full time, regional and chamber ensembles.  We have two main orchestra series – Festival Orchestra (on Thursday/Friday) and Chamber Orchestra (on Sunday).  We perform a Young People’s Concert during the summer, a group of concerts as part of a  CMF’s Chamber Music Series, and a few other small ensemble engagements in which some players are involved.

We are a per service orchestra, and provide housing and a travel stipend. Housing is in apartments or various types of donor housing.  And of course, one of the main draws for our musicians is the opportunity to spend the summer in Boulder! We perform at Chautauqua Auditorium at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

We ask that you have three years’ minimum of professional performance experience if you are interested in applying. Please include your resume in your initial email by March 5 to There may be a resume round, at the audition committee’s discretion.



SOLO: Bach movement of choice


  1. Mozart 40, 1st mvt. 114-138

  2. Beethoven 9, 4th mvt. beginning to 90, exclude 30-37 (recitative)

  3. Brahms 2, 4th mvt. 244-279 ( 8 before L to M)

  4. Strauss Ein Heldenleben, rehearsal 9 to 2 after 11

  5. Britten Young Person’s Guide, Var. H to 8m. before Var. I


  • Please also  include a current resume with your recordings


  1. Audition recording should be submitted as an unedited, SINGLE TAKE video. The goal is to have a recording that is most closely representative of playing a live audition.
  2. Recordings should preferably be in the following uncompressed (16bit) formats: ​wav., flac or alac. mp3 format is not preferable because of compression, but works if that’s all that is possible. If you record the video, but are concerned with quality of the audio recording, you may also send a separate audio file that is higher quality (but is the same take and can be synced with the video.) This is at your discretion.
  3. Please:
  • upload the video to Youtube and send a private link to:
  • include your resume with this email.
  • also send the additional upgraded audio recording in this email if you so choose.

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Learn more about the on-site experience at Chautauqua Auditorium, including your options for pre-concert dining.

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The Festival performs in beautiful Boulder, Colorado — a breathtaking location full of nature, culture, cuisine, art, and more.

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Festival Fellows

Meet the Festival Fellows: eight aspiring professional musicians who receive coaching and performance opportunities through the Festival and its guest artists.

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This excellent community music school is also the educational arm of our organization.

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