Be a Champion for Boulder’s Arts, Culture & Heritage

May 17, 2023

Dear friends and supporters,

As Executive Director of the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts, these are a few of the most common complaints I hear regularly from our donors and volunteers:

“Why is arts funding so low when there’s so much wealth here?”
“People with far more net worth than me are giving at the same level.”
“Raising money for Boulder is more challenging than the other cities I’ve lived in.”

I don’t disagree with you. Especially as the cost of living increases, there is a disconnect between many people who reap the benefits of this vibrant cultural arts community’s economic impact and educational, social and psychological benefits, and the dollar value they are willing or able to ascribe to help that culture flourish.

This disconnect is precisely why the Colorado Music Festival, along with our esteemed colleagues across Boulder, are supporting the campaign to place the Arts, Culture and Heritage Tax measure on the Fall 2023 ballot in the City of Boulder.

This ballot measure is our chance to secure long-overdue, dedicated funding for the arts in the City of Boulder. We are seeking to extend an existing City sales tax of .15%, set to expire in 2024. The tax would generate approximately 7.5 million dollars a year for the arts, culture and heritage and be administered through the Office of Arts and Culture. There would be no increase to current taxes.

We must gather 4,000 signatures by June 9th to have this measure placed on the ballot in Fall of 2023.

In order to achieve this, we need your help! Here’s what you can do:
1) Most importantly, if you are a registered voter in the City of Boulder, sign the petition online or in-person.
2) Join us! Sign up to volunteer your time circulating petitions among your friends and neighbors or at local arts events. Sign up now.
3) Spread the word! Forward this email to your friends.

For more information on the Arts, Culture and Heritage Tax please visit: ARTSFORBOULDER.COM


Elizabeth McGuire | Executive Director
Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts