Colorado Music Festival Orchestra

Conductor’s Podium

Peter Oundjian
Music Director; The Caryl Fuchs Kassoy & David R. Kassoy Conductor’s Podium

Jean-Marie Zeitouni
Principal Guest Conductor

Michael Christie
Music Director Laureate


The Orchestra


Calin Lupanu

Position: Concertmaster | Charlotte Symphony, Concertmaster
Chair: The Caruthers Family Foundation Chair in Memory of Claire Jucker

Joseph Meyer

Position: Associate Concertmaster Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Associate Concertmaster

Johnny Lee

Position: Guest Associate Concertmaster l Los Angeles Philharmonic

Claude Sim

Position: Guest Associate Concertmaster l Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Associate Concertmaster

Sunho Kim

Position: Assistant Concertmaster Kansas City Symphony, Assistant Concertmaster

Mary Ellen Goree

Position: Principal 2nd | San Antonio Symphony, Principal

Karen Pommerich

Position: Assistant Principal 2nd | IRIS Orchestra

Monica Boboc

Position: Charlotte Symphony
Chair: The TK Smith & Constance Holden Chair

Callie Brennan

Position: West Virginia Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Karen and Doug Myers Chair

Carol Chung

Position: North Carolina Opera, Concertmaster
Chair: The Jane & Dick Stebbins Chair

Dominique Corbeil

Position: Wichita Symphony Orchestra
Chair: The Louise & Ferd Grauer Chair

Tessa Gotman

Position: Phoenix Symphony
Chair: The Arlene Gerwin Chair

Byron Hitchcock

Position: Opera Colorado, Concertmaster

Alice Hong

Position: Freelance

Oliver Kot

Position: Charlotte Symphony, Principal

Jonathan Kuo

Position: Jacksonville Symphony

Leah Latorraca

Position: Phoenix Symphony

Lenora Leggatt

Position: Cleveland Opera, former Concertmaster

Chi Li

Position: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Aimee Toomes Lopez

Position: San Antonio Symphony
Chair: The Mary Ann & Art Rudeseal Chair

Ann Okagaito

Position: Vancouver Symphony

Aromi Park

Position: Huntsville Symphony, Principal

Jarek Polak

Position: Freelance

Yinbin Qian

Position: Albany Symphony Orchestra
Chair: The Marion Thurnauer & Alexander Trifunac Chair

Lisa Vaupel

Position: Delaware Symphony, Principal | Orchestra Personnel Manager
Chair: The John & Kathleen Krampf Chair

Jim Wallenberg

Position: Toronto Symphony


DJ Cheek

Position: Guest Principal | Jacksonville Symphony, Principal

Colin Sorgi

Position: Guest Principal | Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Chair: The Christopher B. Mueller & Martha A. Whittaker Chair

Michael Casimir

Position: Guest Principal | Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Kimberly Sparr

Position: Assistant Principal | Atlantic Chamber Ensemble

Mark Deatherage

Position: Phoenix Symphony, Acting Principal

Courtney Filner

Position: Southwest Florida Symphony, Principal

Elizabeth Jaffe

Position: Delaware Symphony, Associate Principal

Bruce Owen

Position: Louisiana Philharmonic, Assistant Principal
Chair: The Lee & Palmer Carlin Chair

Valentin Ragusitu

Position: Toledo Symphony, Principal

Yumi Sagiuchi Shultz

Position: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Borys Smolaga

Position: Shreveport Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Margot & Christopher Brauchli Chair


Abraham Feder

Position: Guest Principal l Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Principal

Sung Chan Chang

Position: Guest Principal and Section l Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, Associate Principal

Clare Bradford

Position: New World Symphony

Guy Fishman

Position: The Handel and Haydn Society, Principal
Chair: The Marion Thurnauer & Alexander Trifunac Chair

Morgen Johnson

Position: San Antonio Symphony
Chair: The Jane Houssiere Chair

Aaron Merritt

Position: Nu Deco Ensemble, Principal
Chair: The Harold & Joan Leinbach Chair

David Morrissey

Position: Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Chair: The Robert & Sandy Goldstein Chair

Ryan Murphy

Position: San Antonio Symphony

Lucia Ticho

Position: Freelance


Matt Heller

Position: Principal | Calgary Philharmonic
Chair: The Linda Shoemaker and Steve Brett Chair

Kirby Nunez

Position: Assistant Principal | Dallas Opera Orchestra
Chair: The Joan & Paul Lavell Chair

David Crowe

Position: Boulder Philharmonic, Principal

Karl Fenner

Position: Atlanta Symphony

Mark Foley

Position: Wichita Symphony, Principal

Paul Macres

Position: Louisiana Philharmonic

Jean Posekany

Position: Toledo Symphony
Chair: The Jane Elizabeth Henry Chair


Viviana Cumplido Wilson

Position: Principal | Phoenix Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Blessing Foundation Chair

Regina H. Yost

Position: Assistant Principal/Piccolo | Charleston Symphony, Assistant Principal
Chair: The Richard & JoAnn Crandall Chair

Laura Dwyer

Position: Santa Fe Symphony
Chair: The Norma Ekstrand Chair


Olav Van Hezewijk

Position: Principal | New Haven Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Joyce Thurmer Chair

Zachary Hammond

Position: Assistant Principal/English Horn | Charleston Symphony, Principal Oboe
Chair: The Arlene Gerwin Chair

Joshua Lauretig

Position: Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra


Louis DeMartino

Position: Principal | Hawaii Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Hans & Dolores Thurnauer Endowed Chair

Steve Hanusofski

Position: Assistant Principal/ Eb Clarinet | Phoenix Symphony, Associate Principal & Bass Clarinet
Chair: The Diane Barbour & David Coward Chair

Aidan Mulldoon Wong

Position: Guest Bass Clarinet | Freelance


Glenn Einschlag

Position: Principal | Buffalo Philharmonic, Principal

Josh Baker

Position: Acting Principal 2021, Assistant Principal | Florida Orchestra, Principal

Adam Trussell

Position: Contrabassoon | Houston Symphony, Contrabassoon
Chair: The Marion Thurnauer & Alex Trifunac Chair


Catherine Turner

Position: Principal | L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
Chair: The Avenir Foundation Endowed Chair

Andrew Karr

Position: Assistant Principal | The Florida Orchestra
Chair: The James Alleman & Barbara Miller Chair

Christopher Dwyer

Position: Philadelphia Orchestra

Ross Snyder

Position: Omaha Symphony, Associate Principal

Megan Evans

Position: Edmonton Symphony, Assistant Principal
Chair: The George A. Matzkanin & Trish Chepokis Chair


Jeffrey Work

Position: Principal | Oregon Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Joan & Paul Lavell Chair

Eric M. Berlin

Position: Assistant Principal | Albany Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Jane Houssiere Chair

Derek Lockhart

Position: Freelance
Chair: The Lichter Family Chair in Memory of George Lichter


Donna Parkes

Position: Principal | Louisville Orchestra, Principal

Michael Hosford

Position: Assistant Principal | Greenville Symphony Orchestra, Co-Principal

Adam Rainey

Position: Guest Bass Trombone | Kansas City Symphony

Bryan Heath

Position: Guest Bass Trombone | Louisville Orchestra


Carson McTeer

Position: Principal | West Virginia Symphony, Principal


Peter Wilson

Position: Principal | Harrisburg Symphony, Principal


Joseph Petrasek

Position: Principal | Atlanta Symphony, Principal

Gerald Scholl

Position: Assistant Principal Percussion/Assistant Principal Timpani | Wichita Symphony, Principal
Chair: The Reid-Collins Chair

Chris McLaurin

Position: Freelance


Vivienne Spy

Position: Principal | San Antonio Symphony


Andrea Mumm

Position: Principal | Charlotte Symphony, Principal


Lisa Vaupel

Position: Delaware Symphony, Principal | Orchestra Personnel Manager
Chair: The John & Kathleen Krampf Chair

Carrie White

Position: Librarian

Our musicians represent 44 orchestras from 23 states, 4 provinces, and 3 countries including:

Albany Symphony
Atlanta Symphony
Atlantic Chamber Ensemble
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Boulder Philharmonic
Buffalo Philharmonic
Calgary Philharmonic
Charleston Symphony
Charlotte Symphony
Cleveland Opera
Greenville Symphony
Dallas Opera Orchestra
Delaware Symphony
Edmonton Symphony
Florida Grand Opera
Harrisburg Symphony
Hawaii Symphony
Houston Symphony
IRIS Orchestra
Jacksonville Symphony
Kansas City Symphony
L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

Louisiana Philharmonic
Louisville Orchestra
National Symphony Orchestra
New Haven Symphony
North Carolina Opera
Omaha Symphony
Opera Colorado
Oregon Symphony
Phoenix Symphony
San Antonio Symphony
Santa Fe Symphony
Sarasota Orchestra
Seattle Symphony
Shreveport Symphony
Southwest Florida Symphony
St. Louis Symphony
The Florida Orchestra
The Handel and Haydn Society
Toledo Symphony
Toronto Symphony
Vancouver Symphony
Wichita Symphony

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