Crafting the Perfect Date Night in Boulder for Colorado Music Festival Attendees

December 4, 2017

Boulder, Colorado, becomes a natural stage for a memorable date night, especially for those attending the Colorado Music Festival. Whether you’re a local or a visitor here for the festival, the city offers a variety of activities to complement your musical experience and turn it into a memorable date night.

Here is a curated list of date-night options designed to enhance your experience in Boulder while you attend the Colorado Music Festival.

Scenic Strolls at Chautauqua Park

Photo credit: joiseyshowaa / Flickr

Start your evening with a walk or hike through Chautauqua Park, home to the Colorado Music Festival at the Chautauqua Auditorium. Enjoy the views of the Flatirons and explore the park’s peaceful surroundings before or after the concert.

Artistic Inspiration at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art:

BMOCA boulder for a date night

Photo credit: Daniel X. O’Nei / Flickr

For art aficionados, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is a perfect spot to explore together. Wander through the galleries, marveling at the diverse exhibits that spark conversations and create a shared appreciation for creativity.

Farm-to-Table Dining at The Kitchen:

Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey at The Kitchen, a renowned farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Boulder. Indulge in locally sourced, seasonal dishes and savor the intimate ambiance that sets the stage for a delightful dining experience.

Tea Time at Dushanbe Tea House:

Date night at the boulder dushanbe tea house

Photo credit: Barry Dale Gilfry / Flickr

Transport yourselves to an exotic locale by visiting the Dushanbe Tea House, a stunning architectural gem gifted to Boulder by its sister city, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Enjoy a tranquil afternoon or evening indulging in a variety of teas from around the world, surrounded by intricate hand-carved details and vibrant gardens.

Star-Gazing at Fiske Planetarium:

Fiske Planetarium has events

Photo credit: Steven Miller / Flickr

Elevate your date night with a trip to Fiske Planetarium, where you can embark on a celestial journey together. Discover the wonders of the universe and share the magic of star-gazing in this state-of-the-art facility on the CU Boulder campus.

Partner Yoga Workshop at Yoga Pearl:

Partner yoga in Boulder

Photo credit: Yoga Pearl

Unwind together with a partner yoga workshop at Yoga Pearl. The serene environment and guided partner poses offer a unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level, fostering relaxation and intimacy. Explore the balance and harmony of shared yoga experiences in this welcoming space, creating memories that stretch beyond the mat.

Chocolate Tasting at Piece, Love & Chocolate:

Piece love and chocolate's store in Boulder

Photo credit: Piece, Love & Chocolate

Indulge your sweet tooth with a visit to Piece, Love & Chocolate, where you can embark on a delectable chocolate tasting experience. Share a box of handcrafted chocolates while enjoying each other’s company in this delightful setting, just west of the Pearl Street Mall.

Boulder Creek Path Bike Ride:

Boulder Creek bike path

Photo credit: City of Boulder

For the active couple, rent bikes at University Bicycles (just a few doors down from the chocolate shop above) and explore the scenic Boulder Creek Path. Enjoy the fresh air and picturesque surroundings as you pedal along the creek, creating lasting memories on two wheels.

Boulder offers an array of activities to suit nearly every couple’s preferences, ensuring that your date night is memorable and unique. Whether you’re savoring a farm-to-table feast, exploring the art scene, or enjoying tea at the enchanting Dushanbe Tea House, Boulder provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening for Colorado Music Festival attendees.

We encourage you to embrace the charm of this vibrant city, and let your date night in Boulder be a way to continue the celebration of music, art, and culture.  Sign up for our e-newsletter to get updates throughout the year, or follow us on Facebook to learn about our upcoming season.

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