Did You Know We Have a Music School?

August 20, 2020

At the Colorado Music Festival, we naturally stay very focused on our summer season. However, our organization is always busy thanks to our year-round community music school, the Center for Musical Arts.

That’s right: we have a music school! In 2010 these two organizations merged, and for the past decade we have worked alongside one another in a mutually beneficial relationship. (Read the full history of the Center here.)

I am telling you this for two reasons: first, because our wildly successful Virtual Festival brought us new attendees from all over the world, some of whom may not know our story.

Secondly, the Center for Musical Arts’ fall classes and lessons are beginning — all offered online, for your convenience and safety — and since the Festival’s fans are music fans, we wanted to be sure you had a chance to explore this semester’s line-up.

A few highlights from the Fall 2020 semester:

Online lessons for individuals and families
The amazing faculty at the Center has worked hard to pivot their music lessons and classes to online formats. If you or your children have been wanting to begin or continue music lessons, now is the time. Learn more >>

Getting Inside Music
A brand new class taught by Dr. Kathy Kucsan, designed to help you listen to and appreciate music in a new way. Learn more >>

Beginning Jazz Improv (grade 9-adult)
Another new class: professional jazz musician Rex Spease teaches students (of any instrument and voice) how to improvise in 12 weeks. Learn more >>

Jazz for Singers
Adult singers of any level will learn basic jazz theory, how to personalize a song, microphone technique, how to match jazz instruments through variation and improvisation, and more. Learn more >>

Music for Learning Pods
Parents: if you have formed a “learning pod” with your friends or neighbors to support your child’s learning this fall and winter, the Center for Musical Arts can add unique and high-quality online music curriculum, customized to your group. Learn more >>

View all lessons and classes for adults >>
View all lessons and classes for youth >>

Put more music in your life this fall, no matter where you live! As a bonus, know that when you’re supporting the Center for Musical Arts, you’re supporting the Colorado Music Festival as well.

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