2021 Subscriber FAQ

April 16, 2021

Due to health and safety requirements for the 2021 Festival season, the process that Chautauqua (box office) and the Festival use to seat subscribers has changed, for this year only. Read our Frequently Asked Questions about subscriber seating below.

I am vaccinated. Can I have my regular seat?

Unfortunately, no. Our socially-distant seat spacing requirements are in line with Boulder’s County’s COVID regulations, and we cannot offer special treatment for those who are vaccinated. These efforts are in place to protect our greater community. All safety protocols must be followed even if you are fully vaccinated.

I am a subscriber and have had the same seat for many years. Why can’t I sit there?

Due to this year’s seat spacing requirements, we have approximately 1/3 of our normal seats available. We are doing our very best to balance subscribers’ requests with the small number of seats available. Once we’re back to normal in 2022, we will return to our regular pre-pandemic seating maps. (See our current, reduced seat map below.)

Why has my subscription price increased?

Our price zones have changed this year due to our socially-distant seat spacing requirements. We have honored each subscriber’s seat requests the best we could; if you would like to change seats to a different price zone, call (303-440-7666) or visit the box office.

I don’t like the seats that you assigned me. Can I change?

Yes, you can change seats by calling the box office (303-440-7666). Please be aware that there are very few seats available for our Thursday night concerts.

I’d like to add extra tickets next to my subscription seats. Can I?

Many subscribers are seated in “bubbles” that have additional seats available. If you are interested in bringing friends to a concert, call (303-440-7666) or visit the box office ticket kiosk to find out if you have seats available in your bubble.

Why can’t I find a single seat in the auditorium?

To help maintain social distancing throughout Chautauqua Auditorium, the box office has divided the auditorium into pre-set “bubbles” of 2, 3, and 4 seats, with distance between the bubbles. Learn more about bubble seating here >> 

I have a question not answered here.

Please reach out to the Chautauqua box office (303-440-7666) for seating questions, and to marketing@comusic.org for Festival-related issues.

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