Did You Know We Have a Music School?

Did You Know We Have a Music School?

At the Colorado Music Festival, we naturally stay very focused on our summer season. However, our organization is always busy thanks to our year-round community music school, the Center for Musical Arts. That’s right: we have a music school! In 2010 these two...

May Update

We write to you today with the unfortunate news that the 2020 Colorado Music Festival has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having sustained hope throughout these past months that presenting the Festival would be possible, we now accept that we are unable...

April Update

As I’ve witnessed the impact of COVID-19 unfold upon our musical community worldwide, I find it most compelling to see musicians band together to support each other, share each other’s uplifting performances, and serve as beacons of happiness and compassion to one...

March Update

Dear Friends of the Festival, I am deeply saddened to witness the impact of the coronavirus on many of our own Festival musicians and peer institutions throughout the world, yet heartened to see so many individuals offering support to those impacted. Like me, many of...
Becoming a Boulderite

Becoming a Boulderite

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that more and more people are choosing to live in Colorado every year. The appeal of urban living at the precipice of vast expanses of nature continues to spur rapid growth of mid-sized western cities. It’s a trend that shows...

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The Festival performs in beautiful Boulder, Colorado — a breathtaking location full of nature, culture, cuisine, art, and more.

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Festival Fellows

Meet the Festival Fellows: eight aspiring professional musicians who receive coaching and performance opportunities through the Festival and its guest artists.

Center for Musical Arts

This excellent community music school is also the educational arm of our organization.